Good To Me (cover) – “Planetshakers” (guitar tutorial)

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This tutorial is a broken down version of Planetshaker’s “Good To Me”. We go through all of the necessary parts for the guitar player like the intro/verse ri…


HG321GH says:


Jonathan Reyes says:

Theres this other part where it sounds like someones playing a constant B
during the intro and chorus. Could you cover that?

joel cruz says:

thanks man it helps a lot godbless..

Brent Gerard Leobrera says:

Jeez… The background sound and sound effects your using on this video is
making me nervious… And I’m watching this in midnight! But anyways…
Nice tutorial…

noah kerridge says:

Guitar thanks, sorry for late reply

Josue Fabian Marona says:

MAN podrias hacer el de GET UP bendiciones :)

OksTsokoran says:

thanks for this :D

Robert Ditona says:

@NoahKerridge…thanks for your comment and we will start working on that
for you. Would you like the piano or guitar parts? Follow me on Twitter:

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